Prices and Conditions
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Price of the photoshoot

The price if one hour photoshoot is 40000 rubles - 50000 rubles (depends on location).

Included in price:
• Photoshoot concept creation, photoshoot organization;
• Individual photoshoot for 60 minutes outdoors;
• All good photos in basic editing (JPEG format);
• 10 photos in art editing.

Prices of the most popular photoshoots (photographer's work and animal rent included).

Bear Stepan - 78.000 rubles (30-minutes photoshoot, 7 photos in art edit)

Fox - 53.000 rubles

Owl or raven - from 52.000 rubles (depends on the exact bird)

Horse - 55.000 rubles

Wolves - from 65.000 rubles

Additional services:
* One outfit rental from the designer (including delivery) - from 12000 rubles.
* Makeup artist services - 7000 rubles (hairstyle + makeup).
*Photoshoot in Moscow region on weekdays - from 7000 rubles to 10000 rubles (depends on location).
*Transfer to the locations in Moscow region - from 4000 rubles to 12000 rubles (depends on location).
* The photoshoot price includes participation of one person, the surcharge for each additional participant amounts to 10000 rubles (up to 3 participants are allowed). If more than 3 people participate in the photoshoot, the photoshoot time increases to an 2 or more hours and is paid in accordance with the price list.
* Outfit rental, hairstyle and makeup fee for each additional participant are paid separately.

General terms and conditions

• The listed prices and conditions are valid for photoshoots conducted for personal non-commercial purposes only.
• The price includes organization of the entire photo shooting process: creation of the photoshoot concept, selection of outfit and location, designer outfit rental, animal rental, photoshoot and photo editing.
• Women's looks are provided by the designer @helena_lee_way. The size range includes children's and adult's outfits in sizes 40-64 (Russian sizes). Selected outfits will be delivered to the photoshoot location. We also have outfits for children.
•The photographer works exceptionally with those animals that are kept by reliable animal owners. The animals participating in the photoshoot are healthy, vaccinated and pose no danger to humans. However, they are living creatures and are filmed without sedation, therefore during the photoshoot their claws and beaks are likely to cause small scratches, which will go away within a few hours.
•All participants during the photoshoot are obliged to unquestioningly comply with the rules of conduct put forward by animal owner.
• Children of any age are welcomed to participate in the photoshoot, however there are age restrictions for shootings with some species of animals. Before booking a photoshoot, parents are obliged to make sure that children have no fear of animals and explain to them the rules of behavior during the photoshoot. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to show any aggression towards animals: grab them without permission, shout loudly, throw or hit animals, etc. In case if child refuses to participate in photoshoot directly during the photo shooting process, in particular, refuses to contact with animals, the client pays the full price of the photoshoot, including the animal rental fee.
• Photoshoots are usually held outdoors, in the Moscow region.
• A photoshoot with several animals during one day is possible: animals can be kept in the same location or can be delivered to a shooting location for an additional fee. Photoshoot with each animal (even during the one day) is regarded as a distinct service and is paid according to the price list as a separate photoshoot.
• The photographer is solely responsible for his own work and is not liable for the work of makeup artists, designers, photo studios, animal owners, etc.
• If the client is late and doesn't come to the photoshoot by the agreed time, the duration of the photoshoot will be reduced by the time the client is late.

Additional services

• The client can use the services of a makeup artist from the photographer's team. Complete look price (hairstyle and makeup) amounts to 7000 rubles. Preparation for the photoshoot is held in Moscow and takes about 2 hours: in make-up rooms located as close as possible to the shooting location, or at the client’s home / hotel.
• The client can use the services of an interpreter. Please inform the photographer in advance, while booking a photoshoot.
• Due to the fact that almost all photoshoots are held in the Moscow region (12-60 miles away from Moscow), the client can use the services of a driver from the photographer's team or order a taxi using the or Uber mobile app (you can always ask for this service at the reception of your hotel).
• If photoshoot is held at dawn time, which involves the departure of the photographer to the location before 8:00 AM, the price of the photoshoot increases by at least 5000 rubles (the total price will depend on the work fee of all photographer's team members - makeup artist, designer, animal owner, etc.).

Photoshoot booking

• The date of the photoshoot is considered to be booked after the deposit payment. The deposit amounts to 30% of the photoshoot total price. Part of the deposit is transferred to the designer and animal owner. If the client refuses to participate in the photoshoot, the deposit will not be refunded. The date of the photoshoot can be rescheduled with the preservation of the deposit in case of bad weather, illness of the client or the photographer, or in case of extraordinary circumstance beyond the control of the parties (force majeure). "Bad weather" refers to conditions under which shooting is impossible in the opinion of the photographer or animal owner. Before booking outdoor fall/winter photoshoots, the client should independently assess his/her ability of filming in difficult weather conditions, considering the fact that sub-zero temperatures, windy weather or snowfall are most often not a reason to reschedule the shooting date.
• The photoshoot with bear Stepan can be rescheduled (for any reason) only with the loss of the deposit.
• The deposit can be transferred to a Russian bank card. If it is not possible the client can meet the photographer or his assistant 1-3 days before the photoshoot and pay the deposit in cash.
• The rest of the payment must be given to the photographer in cash (RUB) on the day of the photoshoot.

Photo editing

• Within 6-10 days after the shooting, the photographer will send the client all good photos in basic editing. Basic editing involves correcting apparent color and light defects, as well as converting photos into JPEG format that can be opened on any device.
• Photos for art editing can be chosen by the client or the photographer, depending on the client's wishes.
• Art editing of each additional photo amounts to 1500 rubles.
• The edited photos are stored on the cloud service for one month. During this time, the client can choose additional photos for art editing.
• The photographer undertakes to make art editing of photos within 8 weeks (usually 2-3 weeks) from the moment the photos were chosen by client.
• Photos in RAW format are the subject of copyright of the photographer and cannot be provided to the client.
• Express photo editing (1-2 days from the moment of choosing photos for art editing) is an additional service and is paid separately. The extra charge for express photo editing amounts to 30% of the photoshoot price.
• By ordering a photoshoot, the client agrees with the photographer’s editing style. Any wishes concerning photo editing must be announced to the photographer before the photoshoot. In case the client is not satisfied with the final result of photo editing, he/she can order art editing again. In this case, art editing of each photo amounts to 1500 rubles.

Photo privacy

• The photographer has the right to publish any photos taken during the photoshoot in the media, social networks and on her website, use it in photo contests and show at exhibitions, as well as publish in magazines, print ads and such. The terms mentioned in this paragraph does not extend to nude style photos (such photographs can be published only with the written consent of the client). Confidential terms are negotiated before the deposit payment. If client needs full confidentiality of photos, the price of the photographer's work increases by 50 - 100%. In this case, the photographer completely disclaims his copyright on the photos.
• The client has no right to transfer the received photos to third parties for their use in commercial or advertising purposes. In particular, this applies to third-party makeup artists and designers involved in the shooting process at the request of the client. They can pay the photographer for the right to use the photos if necessary.